There were four series of The Book of the Lost - three series showing movies, with a short introduction, and a last series of specially made hour long TV programmes, which were filmed and broadcast a couple of years later. Below are the titles of all the films shown in the series, along with the episode titles from the TV specials.

Series One (first broadcast 1977)
The Legacy of Dr Mallen
They Went to Ride the Beast
Middlewitch Lake
The Green Trees of Hell
The Bone Tower
Vampire Disco

Series Three (1980)
Kill Them to Bloody Death
The Villagers
A Call to the Asylum
Ghosts on Mopeds
Children of the Scorpion
The House That Ate Quickly

Series Two (1978)
The Bad Knight
A Necklace of Shells
The Red Crow's Banquet
Our Lady of the Whispering Shadows
The Old Gods Awaken
Run, Witch, Run!

Series Four - TV Specials (1982)
The Guardians
Mrs Pemberton's Demon
The Black Bell
The Butcher, The Baker and the Coffin Maker
Faceless Jack
The Marsh Thing