Andrew Male, MOJO:
"...romantic folk narratives with a dark-woods chill of pastoral melancholy. The die-cut limited edition (containing lobby cards for each film) is particularly lovely."
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Dave Thompson, Goldmine Magazine:
" utterly spellbinding CD soundtrack for the show that never was...ten tracks that drift as darkly, or blaze as fiercely as any of the action they might dream of accompanying...a slice of dark-dreamy lost and lovely psych, with Jonesís marvelous voice a wraith-like presence that is both childlike and ageless."
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Steve Hunt, fRoots:
"...original songs that are an excellent fit with the era, storylines and general mood of the piece."
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Tim Carroll, Folkwords:
" alchemy of classic English horror films, touches of Dennis Wheatley, essences of M.R. James and copious helpings of weird-edged, dark enthralling, deliciously disturbing album."
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Nathan Ford, The Active Listener:
"...exceptionally well observed attention to detail and atmosphere that could only have come from artists who live and breathe the folklore of their area."
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John Coulthart, Fueilleton:
"Pastiching aside, all projects of this kind depend upon the quality of the music, and the folk-inflected songs here are very good, as is the Book of the Lost theme itself..."
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Georgina Carter, The Packet:
"As a listening experience it's a gem, but from a horror fan's perspective the attention to detail and back stories the pair have created adds to the macabre magic."
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Lee Trewhela, What's On:
"It's one thing having a brilliant idea, but it's another executing it evocative of a golden era of leftfield British films and music, even down to the Oliver Postgate-style narration. If you didn't know any different, you'd be adamant this is a lost soundtrack from a cult classic. Utterly brilliant, it deserves a huge audience."
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